Modeling digital scholarship

Module 1 of INF537 has set the scene for learning during this session. We are to employ and apply Socratic seminars and colloquia in the collaborative digital environment as we learn with and from one another, our subject coordinator, and a series of “experts”.

Module 2 of INF537 is challenging me to understand how the digital, networked and open environment is transforming scholarship. I have identified the main issue to investigate as being “open”. In an attempt to be authentic I am making my learning “open” by blogging out loud as I investigate digital scholarship and learn.

Follow my thoughts as I complete Module 2 and prepare for Assessment item 2 here….. discontinued … see disclosure below….


DISCLOSURE: So, if I am going to be “open” and transparent about my learning during this study sessions, I also need to report when things do not go wrong. I had this grand plan to write a series of blog posts about my learning about digital citizenship, write a draft and post it for my cohort to comment on – really practicing the practice that is developing in digital scholarship. Fact is, I did not have as much time for this as I thought. Being fair to myself: the main reason is that the nature of – and preparation for -the research project I chose for INF537 Assessment 3 took up way more time than I had originally planned. The secondary reason is that this (admittedly small) cohort has been disappointingly unresponsive and collaborative this far and I really do not think that anyone would have taken the time to give me good feedback. I will now incorporate the blog posts intended for Digital Scholarship – Blogging outLoud here.



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