INF537 – Digital Futures Colloquium: A NEW JOURNEY

I can’t even spell colloquium without the help of the spellchecker. So yes, I am feeling as overwhelmed as at the start of the other six modules…

image by aitoff, downloaded from pixabay

image by aitoff, downloaded from pixabay

In this module we will consider the impact of knowledge networks, collaboration and innovation in digital cultures of learning and consider the implications for our professional development, professional practice and scholarly interest, all structured around a series of seminar presentations with industry experts, exemplary practitioners and thought leaders.

It is going to be a very busy study session, professionally, academically and personally. I am confident of one thing only: I will learn so much.

Personal technical goals for this module:

  • Use Twitter consistently, daily if possible, and see what I get from an increased presence.
  • Add and tag resources to Diigo, I have not been consistent in the use of this tool either, and I need to commit if I want to be able to promote the use of Diigo (or like) to our students successfully.

Here is the first inspiration from this session’s reading, and what will  guide my practice during this session…

INF537, here we go…


Fw:Thinking. (2013, June 19). Is technology a threat to our education? [Video file]. Retrieved from

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