ETL 402: Literature across the Curriculum – the journey

INF402, my only subject for 201890, focuses on the use of literature in education – specifically to enhance student learning, long-term reading and life-long learning.

image by BookBabe, downloaded from pixabayThe learning outcomes are to be able to:

  • “evaluate a wide variety of literature, and apply such knowledge to the selection, appreciation and critical evaluation of literature in education;”
  • “analyse theory, research and models related to literature, and interpret the implications for education;”
  • “appreciate the role of multi-literacies, including visual literacy, in the context of literature in education;”
  • “predict and interpret social and cultural issues as they apply to the use of literature in education;”
  • “identify how digital environments diversify school student experiences with literature;” and
  • “extend the role of the teacher librarian in promoting literature across the curriculum.”

My knowledge about the use of literature in curricular setting is not great, but very practical. I look forward to develop a strong theoretical base from which to build understanding and insight, and plan for the role our secondary school library can play in the future use of literature in our school.


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