Digital citizenship – in my words

At the start of ETL523 we are asked to share our view of digital citizenship on flipgrid.

Here is our brief:

Digital Citizenship – in your words

(Photo by Josh Rose, downloaded from Unsplash)

As we start this subject I am interested in YOUR thoughts about digital citizenship. In ONE MINUTE only I encourage you
to share a short video where you may like to share:

 – Your motivation for taking this subject
 – Briefly, the learning environment you work in e.g. school, university
 – What ‘digital citizenship’ means to you

Here is what I said:

“Educators create environments which facilitate and foster the learning and development of the younger members of our society. Helping them acquire the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes needed to become responsible and contributing citizens of the worlds they live in. Our students live in the physical world and in the digital world.

We, as educators, must help our young students develop the skills, habits and appropriate behaviour that will help them be safe, act ethically and respectfully and be accountable for their actions.  This is citizenship.

Digital citizenship refers specifically to knowing how to behave in the digital world. As educator I see it as part of my responsibility to help my students develop as digital citizens. This is why I am on this course.”

I look forward to seeing what others say and I wonder how my view will change during this course…




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