Are GLOs mandatory for all courses?

The inclusion of GLOs in course design is mandatory for all undergraduate courses and for professional entry courses of duration greater than one year.

From the Graduate Attributes policy:

(7) When reviewing Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level 7 and Professional Entry courses of more than one year full time equivalent (FTE)duration, it is mandatory that Faculties provide approval only if the course demonstrates alignment with the Graduate Attributes.

  1. NOTE:  For Indigenous Cultural Competence, prior approval must be obtained from the Indigenous Board of Studies before Faculty approval.  Refer to the Indigenous Australian Content in Courses Policy.
  2. NOTE:  For Academic Literacy and Numeracy, refer to the English Language, Literacy and Numeracy Policy.

Does my subject have to include a GLO?

There is no obligation for every subject to meet a graduate learning outcome- as long as they are spread throughout the course. Talk to your course director to check if your subject has Graduate Learning Outcomes mapped.

How many GLO’s should I have in my subject?

We would expect to see 3 to 5 GLOs in a subject. This will allow us to cover all 27 comprehensively across the course. Specifying too many GLOs will effectively remove the teaching focus, and provide little guidance for students or future lecturers. Importantly, specifying too many GLOs will burden you with the task of credibly assessing too many learning outcomes.

My Subject has more than 5 GLO’s. Do I have to reduce to a maximum of 5?

Maybe it would be helpful to reduce the number, however you should discuss with your course director to ensure you are not removing GLO’s the director has seleceted to be included in your subject.

Many courses/subjects have a capstone project that may contain more than 5 GLO’s. We are not trying to force you to work to a specific number of GLO’s, more we would like to help people understand that a small selection of GLOs is fine and that they come with an expectation that they will be assessed. If you have an assessment that is credibly assessing all of the specified GLO’s that’s fantastic.

I need help to write/Create my Assessment, where can I find help?

Visit the DLT Assessment page for help.

Who can I contact for assistance with the GLO’s

Visit the Contacts page to find the best person to talk to