The Board Room is an example of GLO integrated learning activity

Subject code / Subject

MGT230 Ethics, Sustainability & Culture

GLOs taught

  • Professional practice – through ‘board room’ meeting/discussion and debate
  • Ethics – debate will feature discussion on the ethics of CSR
  • Sustainable Practice – content of Corporate Social responsibility is directly related to sustainability


  • For students to develop an understanding of the difference between a narrow and broad view of Corporate Social Responsibility, and the arguments for and against, through a simulated board room debate


  • 45 min – 1 hour

Mode of Delivery

  • Face to face
  • Online
  • Blended

Group or individual

  • Whole class/large groups
  • Two groups
  • Small groups
  • Pairs
  • Individual

Activity + Resources

(e.g. PPT slides)






Instructions for students:

“Imagine that you are on the Board of Directors at COLES and you have been called in to decide whether to take a broad or narrow view of CSR for the business. You will be allocated a viewpoint, and in your group are to debate the merits of your viewpoint. You will also need to take into account the counter-arguments.

We will run the ‘meeting’ and debate, and will vote at the end of the meeting as to which approach to CSR to take”.       


  • 0-5min
  • introduce activity, allocate groups (5 min)
  • 5-20 min
  • group work independently to research and determine their argument/view point (15 min)
  • 20-40 min
  • debate (20 min)
  • 40-45 min
  • vote and discuss (5 min)

Resources required

Classroom set up: boardroom style with PPT image of boardroom to ‘set the scene’

Breakout room(s) for groups to discuss

Access to Subject Learning materials/i2 for student reference/research


Alternatives: use Breakout rooms in online meeting to run the debate

Extension: students could post their arguments for/against on the Discussion Board

Photos/video of example

Name of instructor/academic

Additional resources/references/comment

This activity came about as the subject was being taught, COLES was in the media due to their plastic bag ban while at the same time launching their plastic ‘Mini Collectibles’ campaign.  It is recommended that a topical/current issue is used to stimulate the debate where possible to enhance relevance and currency to the student experience.

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MGT230 Ethics_example of GLO integrated learning activity