Finding Inspiration

As part of our readings in Module 6 we were asked to think about who has been inspirational in our working and learning life.  This was not a hard task for me.  I have been fortunate to be inspired by several strong female role models in my life.

My first inspiration was my fourth-grade teacher Mrs Dallas.  She is why I became a teacher.  Mrs Dallas always said we got her at her worst as she was pregnant the year I was in her class, but to me she was wonderful.  She called me ‘freckle-face’.  I cannot remember what she taught me or even how she taught but I can remember how she made me feel – important, worthy, smart, listened to.

My second inspiration is why I am now training to be a TL.  The very-soon-to-be-retired at my previous school was an amazing TL.  She had built the library collection from scratch due to a fire, her knowledge of books is amazing, and she was always my first and most useful resource as a classroom / EALD teacher.  When asked about books on (insert topic here) she would always be able to pull a title or two off the shelf immediately, followed by a ‘leave it with me’ and a day or two later a pile of books would appear on your desk or in your pigeon hole ready for you to explore.  Since doing this course I have discovered she did have a few limitations but getting the right book into the right hands was not one of them and I hope one day to know my collection and my students and teachers as well as she did.

My third inspiration is a teacher who started after me.  As a new grad she was full of enthusiasm and energy and projected that into everything she did including her classroom.  After being away from teaching for a few years, I returned to my old school to discover that she had changed very little except she was an instructional leader (and then a DP).  Her enthusiasm and energy was still there, but she was also mentoring and guiding new teachers, working hard to ensure everyone was being the best teacher they could be, listening and providing suggestions to those that needed it, listening and sharing others great ideas, all without losing focus on the task at hand; to improve students’ lives.

I hope one day to live up to all three of my inspirations; to make my students feel important, to give the right kid the right book and to inspire others to be their best.

Currently reading: Lenny’s Book of Everything by Karen Foxlee

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