About the Compendium

A collection by students in INF541: Game-Based Learning

This webspace consists of final projects by students from the INF541: Game-Based Learning subject at Charles Sturt University in Australia, from the School of Information Studies in the Faculty of Education program Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) Course.

The compendium has been developed collaboratively; and is a shared, open resource relevant to game-based learning. It represents the work of students whose essays may offer foundational concepts, examples, explanatory theories and guiding principles, coupled with a questioning of burning issues, to encourage a passion for game-based learning.  It provides a stimulus for further #gbl discussion.

Students have developed their work within the following focus areas:

  • Part 1: Motivation – Emerging readings, research, environments & change factors that require or validate a move into game-based learning.
  • Part 2: Provocation – Case studies, environmental scans, situational analysis, or other activities that illustrate games-based learning in action.
  • Part 3: Invitation – Inviting organisations, systems or workplaces to meet, respond & adopt the challenge of game-based learning.
Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation).
Developed by the School of Information StudiesCharles Sturt University, 2015.
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