The UnSymposium

We’re changing how we’d like you to share your teaching practice this year. The iTeach posts from colleagues across the Faculty are in and we’ve sorted them into themes.  From 3:30pm to 5:10pm on Thursday 29 August we will have five parallel sessions running. In each you’ll hear from four presenters who will stimulate discussion around a series of questions related to the theme being addressed. Your goal? Put distributed leadership into action and help us determine where we’ve been in terms of each theme area, where want to go next, and how we might get there.

You can make your choice about which parallel session you attend on the day (there’ll be posters up in the registration area) but to make this work we need a good spread of participants across the five rooms, which are all next to each other in Building 13. So if one room is full please move onto another. Once in a room, you will need to stay in the one spot for the session.

Link to notes

A summary of the discussion in each room, as well as the key insights, is available here. You can access the raw notes from each room by clicking on the link in the big questions column below.

Room  Big question 

(incl. link to notes)            

Presenters Link to post
Library 13.278/281

(Facilitator: Jay Cohen)

1. New approaches to designing courses and subjects Jenny Kent Co-creating the Graduate Certificate in Community Leadership and Resilience 
Emmett Berry Redesigning subjects for international students
Carli Kulmar Rethinking subject design in TOL
Steve Bath, Geraldine Rurenga, Nichole Thurbon Big changes in educating our future police
Library 13.285

(Facilitator Mike Kemp)

2. Sharing responsibility for learning with students Michael Mehmet 5 strategies that help counter feedback anxiety
Miao Li Using the job hunting process to motivate students
Brett Shipton Police incident analysis: helping relate theory to the real world
John Hicks Encouraging students to interpret media commentary in their subjects
Library 13.286

(Facilitator: Kath Herbert)

3. Breaking Boundaries Sam Parker, Michelle Wilkinson Simulated video touchpoints to promote authentic assessment
Sabih Rehman Hackathons: Helping communities and building skills 
Reza Mahinroosta, Jim Morgan Workplace learning: Successes and challenges in CSU Engineering
Rachael Fox Collaborating on research with undergraduate students: inside a subject
Library 13.287

(Facilitator: Liz Bracken)

4. Active learning Bede Harris Promoting sequential thinking in law problem solving
Nicole Sugden, Robyn Brunton Creating interactive scenario-based activities to contextualize learning
Jasmine MacDonald, Ben Hicks Delving deeper into student engagement: conversations between academics and analytics
Lisa Coates Teaching criminal law through case study examples
Library 13.289

(Facilitator: Stacey Jenkins)

5. Peer Learning Shibly Abdullah Learning theory is boring? Now that’s debatable.
Charles Vandepeer Increasing student-to student learning through deep questions and online blogs
Peir Woon Trial and error with PeerWise
Xiaodi Huang, Sophia Duan Getting to know your online students by visualisation of their posts