Once I’ve registered for the symposium is there anything else I need to sign-up for?

Yes.  As numbers are limited for some workshops and some require a small amount of preparation, once you’ve read the information on each workshop, please sign up for your two workshops by clicking the link here. If you change your mind, just click on the link again and make your adjustments. There’s no need to sign-up to any of the other elective sessions such as the contract cheating or subject showcase sessions (Friday morning).


What meals are being provided by the Faculty during the symposium for all attendees?

  • Lunch (with registration)  Thursday 29 August
  • Afternoon tea Thursday 29 August
  • Pre-dinner Canapes and drinks Thursday 29 August
  • Dinner Thursday 29 August (‘at the Crow Bar’ on Wagga campus)
  • Morning tea Friday 30 August
  • Lunch (packed lunch to take away) Friday 30 August


What meal allowance will I receive (CSU staff)?

These should only be paid for meals not covered by the Symposium.


How many nights accommodation is being funded for non-Wagga based staff? 

For Port Macquarie staff, the Faculty is funding two nights accommodation. For all other non-Wagga staff, the Faculty is funding one night’s accommodation. If your school is holding meetings prior to the symposium then your additional night will be on the same travel plan but it will be funded by the school.

Study Centre staff should confirm with their directors about the travel and accommodation arrangements in place for their campus.


Are any CSU staff entitled to fly?

The Faculty is only funding flights for staff from Port Macquarie campus.


If I am a non-Wagga CSU staff member should I have received a travel plan by now?

As per advice sent to registrants on 1 August 2019, travel plans are currently being prepared and will be sent to non-Wagga based CSU staff in coming weeks. In the interim, if you do have any questions then please contact by emailing FOBJBS-Ops-Admin@csu.edu.au , including SYMPOSIUM –TRAVEL, your name, School and campus in the subject line. Please include the dates you intend to travel and a contact email and phone number so that we can follow up with you.


What if I need to cancel or change my travel or accommodation plans? And by when?

Please contact us immediately by emailing  FOBJBS-Ops-Admin@csu.edu.au , including SYMPOSIUM – TRAVEL , your name, School and campus in the subject line. If you are cancelling your attendance at the Symposium, you also need to notify your Head of School. If you fail to notify us before 14 August, you may be invoiced for the full cost of any room we need to cancel.