November 16

Assignment 1: OLJ Creation & First Entry

a) Define what social networking is (in your own words);

A simplistic definition of social networking could be that of talking and communicating with each other through the Internet. I certainly grew up in an era where we were privileged if we had a wired home telephone which was used to talk with Uncle John a few times a year. I do need to be careful discussing and defining my perspective of ‘social networking’.

Nowadays, social networking in my own words, can be defined as a worldwide collaboration of humanity; where questions are created and answers are sought.

 b) List what social networking technologies and sites you already use (for personal, work and study purposes);

To date, my use of social networking technologies has included:

  • Facebook – purely as a means to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues. Reading, sharing and ‘liking’ articles of interest.
  • – independent student creation of their avatar characters.
  • – a tool for students to independently create their narratives and animations.
  • BlogEd – a NSW Department of Education resource, it predominantly provides links to activities and resources for students to independently access.
  • Diigo – resource and link curation, used mainly for CSU study purposes.
  • Evernote – an underutilised resource that I primarily use to replicate learning requirements.
  • Flickr – an image repository and sharing resource that I have really only ‘accessed as a part of CSU studies’.
  • – an email account I started using in the early 2000s, merely as an emailing tool. This account is needed also for logins to other resources such as Flickr and Yahoo ICTENSW Educators Group.

c) Describe what you expect to learn from completing INF506.

Whilst I do use Facebook, BlogEd and Doppelme for example, the actual writing of this entry has highlighted just that: ‘my independent use of social networking tools’. I am expecting (hoping) to gain further understanding of social networking in today’s context. A ‘collaborative use of social networking tools’ that I may be able to utilise in my classes.