March 4

Reflection: Games in the Classroom

  • What are the challenges you are aware of for playing games in your classroom?


Institutional challenges detract from ‘playing games’ in my classroom. Historically, management have not recognised ‘playing games’ to be a ‘learning and engagement strategy’. Regional focus on ‘tick-a-box’ curriculum makes independent and self-paced learning difficult within a secondary period allocations. A forbidding if you will of ‘game playing’ in class.


A culture of rote learning does not recognise gaming as learning. Students have grown with games as ‘fun’ rather than learning; and, staff predominantly utilise the rote methodologies as a ‘path of least resistance’.


Cheaper technological alternatives and regional control detract from ‘classroom gaming’ strategies. The tick-a-box curriculum makes independent student achievement difficult to measure, difficult to ‘tick-a-box’.

  • What are the behaviours you want to encourage and discourage?


Student independent engagement should be encouraged. Encourage creative thinking, where answers are not always categorically supplied but are determined.

Students need to develop their creative, problem solving ideals.


Tick-a-box curriculum. A curriculum that detracts from creative thinking, with management entering classes to see if students are eagerly writing needs to be discouraged.

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