July 7


Good evening Ewan, Judy, past and present colleagues,

A secondary TAS / Computing teacher within NSW, I am continuing from ETL523 and INF530. Thus far an absolutely mind opening, practical experience.

My 7 – 12 school was constructed in 1985 and currently has a student cohort of around 1160, predominantly of low socio-economic status. A contemporary design for traditional classes, our Technology High School is technically not a ‘Technology’ school after all – well not gazetted anyway. Our school may seem to be ‘relatively new’ however, it has been left wanting financially for a long time. We’re on the verge of a $15 Million upgrade, which has been approved, apparently.

A simple teacher, I am wanting to improve my practice through enhancing and reflecting on the design of my online pedagogies and curriculum.

DaleM (etam).


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