April 26

3.1 Reflections – Open, Social and Participatory Media

  • How would curriculum change if our priority approach was on critical, creative, and collaborative thinking?

Student and teachers would be collaborating, creating and publishing teaching and learning solutions – together.


Students and teachers of all ages are inundated with information. At home on TV (Free and Pay), radio, the Web, and text – physical and virtual. Within educational institutions the same inundation of information occurs, in the same ways. We are ‘information overloaded’! There is just so much information, we have learnt to ‘skim’ our perceived important ‘bits’. Students have seen this method of information research and have been satisfied with this low-skilled level of competencies.

Speaking frankly, I do understand the ‘time poor’ nature of our curriculum as well. I really am in need of ‘more time’ just for this M.Ed. After all, skimming is a technique taught to cover large chunks of information. Just wish I could find more time to do ‘less skimming’. Any one else having these ‘time problems’?


  • What does the reality of the modern age of information– this age of Google –suggest that we “teach”?

21st Century skills through a ‘participatory culture’. The building of our students individual Digital Learning Environments through a constructivist curriculum.


  • Can we simply “update” things as we go, or is it time for rethinking of our collective practice?

It is time for both – simply updating as we go, and rethinking our collective practices – ‘together’.

Whilst I, as a knowledgeable computing teacher, am endeavouring to utilise 21st Century teaching and learning skills into my curriculum, I must acknowledge that this is a start only on my part. I am yet to master ideas of virtual worlds, blogging and importantly collaborating, creating and publishing in educational settings. My students in general and least of all my educational institution are not ready for the large scale network effects of 21st Century teaching and learning. Saying that, my students through my experiences are ‘more ready and willing to give 21st Century skills a go’ than my educational institution – student exemplar: http://etam.stankey.com.

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