Half-baked (Assessment 5)

Of the outcomes of INF530, the most practiced one for me so far is the ability to “explore and respond creatively to the principles of connected learning as teacher and learner, including collaboratively guiding, constructing and assessing the work of peers.” (INF530 Subject Outline, 201530).

In the last 2 months, I have had the privilege and pleasure of sharing in your learning experiences and stories in INF530.  In this short blog post, I would like to highlight three posts that I responded to and why I felt it constructively built on my own learning in this subject.

I visited the following blogs in the last couple of weeks (retrieved from Peer Review: INF530 Blog Posts [ThingLink.com]:

The following video is a preview of the PBS six-part series “How we got to now” (retrieved from youtube: https://youtu.be/E8P7Q0sGzPA)  – you don’t have to watch it all, but what I wanted to share here is the story of how half-baked ideas grow into big, innovative ones simply by connecting to others, whether in an in-depth discussion or a quick “hello” or comment.

As I see it, now is the primetime for enrichment of learning. In the digital age,  ideas, connections, and certainly knowledge networks are faster and  closer together. This is what Stephen Downes (2014) talks about when he discusses “Connectivism as Learning Theory“, the experiences we share and the conversations we have all contribute to ours and others learning skills.



  1. HI Katherine
    Thank you doubly – one for your reflective comment on my own post, and secondly for posting two wonderful new resources here – the thinglink and the Steven Johnson video (which I did watch through to the end, and which I plan to post on my own blog).

    I have to admit Katherine to being in awe of your work, your astute reflections and time management. On a rainy day here in Singapore, I am spending the day catching up…reading yours and our INF530 colleagues blogs. I am very much enjoying reading and find my own thoughts extending as a result (and kicking myself, that I have not done so before hand, being caught up with each task as it came along). See my own ‘half-baked’ post 
    Looking forward to reading more and again thank you!

    1. Yvonne – thank you for your kind words…. This has been one of the best subjects I have ever participated in (either virtually or face to face). I still have half-baked ideas lurking in my mind as I read more blog contributions. Tracing connections and finding links is the best part, don’t you think? I actually feel more part of a classroom in this distance subject and like Michelle Cook aptly wrote on Twitter (https://twitter.com/ed_kherbert/status/589323215794675712 ), I really don’t feel like the sole crazy one 🙂

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