Artificial intelligence in the information world

In reflecting on artificial intelligence my thoughts are already ones of concern. I understand that certain social media platforms and other things are speaking to one another and this has impacted me too. I find that things that I have searched related to internet purchases find their way into my social media feeds. It begs the question what is private nowadays? If systems can do this will they also be able to one day interpret our emotions and feelings and then nothing is any longer private?

Reflecting on having access to information at all times

There are both positives and negatives of having access to information at all times. I think that the negatives outweigh the positives. The positives are that we are never left without knowledge when we need it. Another is that we can have communication with others at any time. Lastly there are multiple sources that can provide us with that information, and not just one thing. However, a substantial negative is that we can be bombarded with information that can be overwhelming and even out of date. My 6 week old niece was recently devastatingly diagnosed with CF and old information about this states that their life expectancy is only in the 30s. Another negative is that we can find it hard to escape from this information even if we want to. For example, work emails that come our way constantly. Lastly the 24/7 information can become addictive and even reduce our face to face social interactions with society. Overall I feel that we really have to tread carefully in this new world of information.

Thoughts about the information environment

It is interesting looking at the four inherent properties distinguishing information from other traded goods and the concept of self-multiplication and information overload. I have never stopped to contemplate the properties of information, but have always struggled with the sheer volume of information that we must deal with on a daily basis in the modern world. The