A learning attitude

Educators and researchers need to be lifelong learners. Digital tools and the changing landscape of education really do need us to reboot our thinking at regular intervals, as well as taking time to recharge our digital tool kit and rethink the way we teach our learners, as well as the way we learn ourselves.

Most educators understand that digital convergence has begun to have a significant influence on learning and teaching,  resulting in a need for most of us to revisit and revitalize our understanding of the core digital influences that shape the pedagogical interactions in learning and teaching environments. This is not a technology issue so much as a pedagogically grounded need for innovative ways to think about old and new media, including the knowledge flow embedded in the power of our online networks.

Thirty years ago, networks developed for communication between people were adapted to communication between machines. Since then we’ve gone from transmitting data over a voice network to transmitting voice over a data network! Digital forms of information and communication are transforming what it means to work, study, research, and express oneself. Our work as educators has to centre around helping to meet future learning needs by creating a sustainable learning ecology that is shaped by the ubiquity of information, globally responsive pedagogical practices, and driven by collaboration and informal learning in multiple access points and through multiple mediums.

Are you curious about emerging technologies and practices?  Have you wondered what you are missing out on?  Do you want to review your digital knowledge as an enabler of your work in higher education? Are you feeling energized, or are you feeling a bit confused? Whichever it is, thank you for bringing your learning attitude to 23Things for Digital Knowledge.

We are working in an education environment that is connected, global, and most importantly inspired by opportunity as well as pure hard work.  Nothing epitomizes change and inspiration better than Commander Chris Hadfield  who made the first ever recording in space, choosing David Bowie’s Space Oddity.  Watch this, then launch yourself into the material in each Thing, including the sections labelled Try This, and Explore Further.

Launching your learning attitude now…..


Try This

Take a little time to view these videos as a kick-start to your adaptable thinking!

The Adaptable Mind


Imagining Tertiary Education in 2025

Christian Long: Imagining tertiary education in 2025 from EDtalks on Vimeo.

Explore Further

Educause Guides

EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative’s 7 Things You Should Know About … ™ series provides concise information on emerging learning technologies and related practices. Each brief focuses on a single technology or practice.  Use these quick reads to get essential information on emerging technologies and practices, including potential implications and opportuntities. These resources are great to share with teams or faculty considering a new technology.  There is more here than we can ever cover in 23Things – but these as a whole explain why we need a flexible, and ongoing learning attitude.  If you are not already familiar with these resources, you will find these a really useful resource to facilitate further discussion and development in your discipline and/or work area.

See All >

Congratulations!  You have completed Thing 1.

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  1. Loved the clip “The Adaptable Mind”, particularly reference to the first key skill; curiosity. I am a recent convert to ABC Radio’s “Conversations”, which I think work because of what the host describes as “authentic curiosity” and the ability to infect an audience if you yourself have a genuine curiosity in the the subject matter. My bookshelf has expanded recently after hearing of the marvellous tales of ordinary human beings.

    • Hi Deb
      I too love that program on ABC Radio, and many others – what a treasure trove radio can be – and so low tech! (haha)

  2. I’m passionate about curiosity – always! It’s driven me my whole life (not always a good thing some would say). Thanks for sharing the podcast information – I now ha e to check that out 🙂

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