Initial Thoughts on TL Leadership

Beginning my journey into learning about leadership of the Teacher-Librarian I am interested in finding out about different leadership styles and what suits my personality and way of working best. I understand that often TLs are leading from the middle to implement changes with classes and teachers and filtering change upwards through faculty leadership towards the principal.

From ETL401 I learnt about advocacy and identifying ways to help other members of the school team by finding something the TL can do to support the goals of others. I think this is a form of leadership which would be particularly useful when dealing with Principals and higher leadership, and those who are resistant to change.

I am looking forward to this topic and developing my understanding of leadership and how it can be applied by a TL. I am also keen to work through the case study scenario. I have only worked in two person teams before, with good group dynamics. The case studies will be valuable for identifying ways of working with people in different roles and with a range of personalities.