Module 4 Reflection: Legal and Ethical Issues

Module 4 was focused on Copyright Law and Creative Commons Licensing. Many of the readings and resources were from the SmartCopying and Creative Commons websites. I have used these sites previously and found them easy to use and clear with explanations.

The content from this module connected directly to the Copyright Professional Development I completed a few years ago. In this way, I found this module to be a good recap of relevant information, and with a stronger focus on school needs. I was not aware of the need for a separate film license to play movies which are not curriculum based, or the rules around streaming sites.

I have also previously explored the Creative Commons website in the same PD, and also when introducing the topic to students. I think it is important for students to be aware of Creative Commons and also know how to find resources that fit these licences. My resources for exploring this topic need to be updated to better help students and staff better in locating items.

Internet Filtering is an interesting topic for schools. I have personally found internet filtering makes tasks more difficult for students, particularly when they have been provided with a list of websites to explore and they cannot access them. I believe it is integral for students to understand how to critically evaluate information and sources, and to use a variety of search terms to find what they need, and the TL can help them to achieve this.

I will explore SmartCopying and Creative Commons further to identify key areas which students and teachers should be aware of. I would also like to build on my teaching resources for Creative Commons and identify the best way to support staff and student use.



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