Module 2 Reflection Activity

Discuss how the Teacher Librarian’s expertise and role is different from that required by all teachers:

The role of the teacher librarian is different from the role of a teacher because the Teacher Librarian’s role encompasses teaching and library management. The teacher librarian is skilled in teaching and learning strategies, and classroom management. In addition to understanding 21st Century literacies (information, digital and traditional), effective search strategies, evaluation of resources, curating digital and print resources for curriculum and leisure, team teaching, promoting reading for pleasure, informing about copyright and Creative Commons, managing the acquisition and access to all resources.

The teacher librarian is able to support the teacher through collaboration on units/lessons of work, and provision of resources. Both can work independently, but student learning is boosted with the expertise and experience of both teachers and teacher librarians.

Teacher-librarians are ultimately responsible for resource selection, however they complete this task with the support and collaboration of all classroom teachers. Asking faculties/year levels what topics they will be covering across the year, gives the TL vital information for them to check that the library collection has items which will meet the content and learning needs of the students.

Resource selection can also be shared with the students. When identifying items for pleasure reading, students can indicate favourite authors, genres, reading levels, interests – in general or pick specific books from a book choosing display.

I think when resource selection becomes a collaborative effort then resources are more likely to be used and appreciated by the school community.

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