What possibilities arise for collaboration between teachers and the teacher librarian?

Montiel-Overall describes 4 collaboration models, from these it can be derived that collaboration possibilities arise through coordinating resources and events individually to benefit others, cooperation in enhancing learning opportunities through implementing lessons around subject specialisation and meeting individual goals, integrated instruction through co-producing learning opportunities which meet shared goals and integrate expertise into a range of classroom instruction, integrated curriculum provides for regular meetings between teachers, faculties and TL to integrate expertise across all year levels and subject areas, this needs to be heavily supported by the Principal.

For me collaboration began at the cooperation phase with some classes and into the integrated instruction phase. I have presented one-off lessons on referencing and notetaking which I have planned individually and tried to merge into the relevant context. Semi-integrated instruction occurred through creation of History inquiry units. The background for the task was presented by the class teacher and the inquiry phases by me. This was not a fully co-produced task and minimal discussion regarding goals was undertaken.

If starting at a new site, I would begin with cooperative activities to help staff build their trust in me. I would then approach staff members who seemed interested/willing to begin integrating instruction. Based on the anticipated success of these sessions, I would then recruit more staff members and gather data to present to the Principal to advocate for the possibility of implementing an integrated curriculum.

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