Are school librarians an endangered species?

No, school librarians are NOT an endangered species.

The key point from Karen Bonanno’s 2011 ASLA speech was to see the glass half full, have your rhetoric resonate with your audience and put the 5-finger plan in place. By doing these things the school librarian can integrate themselves and remain relevant. She highlights maintaining a single focus until it is achieved and finding a way to connect our skills and expertise with the audience and curriculum. Bonanno’s 2015 paper continues this theme by focusing on remaining relevant by aligning goals of the library with the whole school strategic direction. She also highlights here having evidence and data to back up what you do is ‘necessary for the future sustainability of the profession’ (Bonanno, 2015 p19).

By integrating into the inner workings of the school and aligning what we do with the school strategic direction TLs make themselves invaluable to schools.


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