Topic Selection, Project Brief and Blog Setup

  1. 1 About me: Who are you? What do you do? What is your Experience and Interest in this Project?I am Thilina Kosala Jayakody who has completed my bachelor degree in software engineering. Now I ( 11645077 )am completing my postgraduate degree in software design and development in Charles sturt University .

    I did a research in question and answering in machine learning and I have implemented a tool to retrieve answers from sinhala tagged base corpus.

    So I have interested to do my studies through researches. So this subject show me a path to continue my carrier

    2  Project Title:- five leading causes of death prediction

    3 Blog Site Address:

    4 Project Problem Domain: Why are you doing this? Is the Key Research Question ready?

    I am interested doing studies on data mining and analysys. and i have studies about in this area. As well as this is a one of a most trending research area. This project based on the data mining.  under this project make the prediction

    5 Background/Context/Description:

    This project is depend on a data set retrieved from government web site.this contain data about 5 reasons which courses to death. This data has collected under few attributes.

    Location :-

    6  Project Aim/Objectives:

    come up with all of the deliverables with in the ..

    implement a desition prediction tool depend on the data set.

    7  Scope:(detailed list of everything this project is expected to deliver.)

    Blog Setup which contain  details of the project
    Weekly Progress Reports to show the project progress through out the project duration
    create Project Proposal and Plan
    make a Annotated Bibliography
    complete Project Closure and Reporting
    finish Journal Synopsis Paper

    8   Not in scope:

    create a tool on data set to make prediction.

    test the tool in different  combinations.

    9 Deliverables/Outcomes:

    Blog Setup
    Weekly Progress Reports
    Project Proposal and Plan
    Annotated Bibliography
    Project Closure and Reporting
    Journal Synopsis Paper

    10 Resources: