November 17

Work Placement Day 9

Monday 16th November 2020

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Move & Groove Move & Groove Literacy Kits LUNCH Front Counter SRC School Visit Literacy Kits

Back to the beginning! Last week I missed Move & Groove because I was completing my induction. Each participant receives a scarf and an instrument, like a triangle, shaker, or xylophone. Then, just like Baby Bounce, the presenter follows a musical playlist, listening to the instructions and playing some games with the parachute. Once again, it was really cool to see all the big smiles on the children!

I spent forty minutes on the Literacy Kits before lunch, then went out for my next shift at the front desk with Matilda. When we started, she said how quiet it usually was from 1 o’clock onwards. Of course, there were lots of customers, and we even had to call the police when a young man with a disability refused to listen to his carer and threw a couple of things around the children’s cave. So much for a quiet shift!

After that, I went with Kelly and Terasa to their next Summer Reading Challenge school visit. We drove out to Mil Lel Primary School, a small school on the outskirts of town. With Terasa all dressed up as a fairy again, Kelly explained how the Summer Reading Challenge works, and I took some photos. It was a fun journey and interesting to see another Mount Gambier school.

At the end of the day, I had some more time to look at the Literacy Kits. I’m trying to find the contents for the kits but it is so easy to go down a rabbit hole searching for things that could go in!

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