November 17

Work Placement Day 10

Tuesday 17th November 2020

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Despite having a good sleep last night, I still felt tired today. It usually hits at about 2 o’clock! All I do is yawn!

Today we read¬†Who Sank The Boat?¬†for Story Time. What a classic by Pamela Allen! I felt more comfortable in my second session as many of the parents remembered me and I have been able to recall lots of the kids’ names. I also have a better idea of the procedures for set-up and pack-up.

Before lunch, I did an hour of re-shelving. Then, after lunch, I sat at the front desk with Rowan. No major happenings, and I got to show off my book contacting skills!

Instead of working on Literacy Kits, I sat in on the Children’s Services weekly meeting at 2 pm. I was tasked with packaging the Books in Homes bags. This will be my last project which will take a couple of hours on Friday. The team seemed very grateful for my help. It was also interesting to see the inner workings of a particular team within the library.

To finish off, I observed this week’s STEAM Club. Today, instead of using the Piper equipment, we made Kaleidoscopes. Then Krista brought out Little Bits, small pieces of circuitry that you can fit together and they result in a certain outcome. There were 3 kids at the session, and it was good to see how they used problem solving skills to work the circuitry. I have noticed that the sessions are very unstructured. Although I don’t know if kids actually really learn specific science and tech knowledge from the session, I think giving the participants time to tinker is great. And different to school, which is important!

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