November 14

Work Placement Day 6

Friday 13th November 2020

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Aged Care Delivery Aged Care Delivery Literacy Kits LUNCH Returns SRC School Assembly Visit Lego Club

Yep … it’s Friday the 13th!

Today was super busy, with 2 off-site adventures! I started the day helping with the library’s home deliveries. Today’s deliveries were for the many Aged Care homes in Mount Gambier. The residents provide the library with a list of their preferences and an automated system chooses resources for them. The librarian then collects the selected books from the shelves, packages them together, puts them into named bags and takes a government car to deliver them. With Covid, library staff no longer enter the homes to interact with the residents. They used to have a volunteer who spent all day reading and talking with them, which sounds nice.

Since we had 2 people on the job, we had time to cruise around town a bit. Danni showed me all of the tourist hot-spots, and offered some local knowledge about different buildings and locations. When we returned, I had an hour to work on the Literacy Kits.

After lunch, I was stationed on Returns by myself, as another staff member had gone home. This gave me a good opportunity to practice using the library’s system.

Then, we dressed Terasa up as a fairy and drove out to Melaleuca Park Primary School to appear as guests at their assembly. We were there to promote the Summer Reading Challenge, where children can read over summer to win prizes. It was really interesting to visit one of the primary schools and have a quick look at their library.

To finish off the day, I helped out with Lego Club.

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