November 14

Work Placement Day 3

Tuesday 10th November 2020

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Today was exhausting, but I was glad to get started.

Story Time was great fun! The 2-5 year olds were very cute. We sung, danced, played games and read a story. It was very similar to teaching a Foundation class at school, but a little less structured, shorter, and with parents present, fewer behavioural problems to deal with.

Before lunch I had my first look at the LMS. In comparison to Oliver, there were lots of similarities and some differences. I just need a bit of practice to pick it up.

After lunch I sat at the front desk. Rowan showed me more things on the computer, demonstrated how to use the public photocopier and how to charge for certain services. The library seemed to quieten by the end of this hour block.

At 2:00, I had a tour of the local history collection and spoke to Danni, the lady in charge of the collection. This was very interesting as my parents used to live in Mount Gambier, so I was able to make some connections. I found it peculiar that there is no local history museum, so, besides the town’s local history group, who meet on an informal basis, there isn’t an authority collecting and cataloguing historical items for the town.

My final session was STEAM Club. Only 1 kid turned up so I had a go at using Piper, an American coding, circuitry and construction kit. I could immediately see how kids would be engaged by its components!

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