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Bookish Apps for Kids

Existing stories can be told in highly relevant and new ways using book apps. Evaluate the impact of this trend on the teacher librarian’s role in schools.

In his article, Top 10 Book and Bookish Apps for Young ChildrenHaughton (2015) outlines a range of apps suitable for children of a young age. For example, ‘Tinybop: The Human Body’, where users navigate around the inside of a human body. I can remember looking at a big book called The Human Body in primary school. It had little people managing each of the different body systems and parts. Without actually checking out this app, I can imagine that this would truly bring this big book to life!

Another app that captured my interest was ‘Miximal’, an interactive version of the classic 3 sector book. Coincidentally, I only just catalogued a dinosaur-themed book with 3 sections at the end of last term. Again, it would be engaging for students to read this sort of book using a digital app.

I agree with KatStasiak’s (2011) argument that a fair balance of traditional and electronic media is important; both worlds have their pros and cons. As such, while the traditional print medium is still important for a TL, a knowledge of digital apps that tell traditional stories in new ways can expand curriculum delivery and engage our students.

Furthermore, since interactive media presents educators with a chance to empower kids and prepare them for an increasingly digital future (Cullen, 2015), TLs must begin to integrate digital storytelling with traditional practices. Although, I don’t actually think that all of Haughton’s applications were necessarily useful for a TL. The integration should be justified!


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