February 27

Mastering 2020

It’s interesting to look back at my first ever post in 2019, now that I am here to write my first post in 2020. I spoke about exploring Interact2 and getting my head around the first two topics, and made a statement that I have so much to learn!

Now that I am working in a library setting, everything I did learn last year is coming to the fore and I feel very prepared for the expectations of my role. I am only working as an SSO, so things like Information Literacy and planning with colleagues are not currently part of what I do. This is okay – I was ready to take a backward step before taking a forward step.

So begins study in 2020. It’s going to be a wild ride! I’m looking forward to ETL402 Literature Across the Curriculum. Some of the readings have been awesome already!

With work, soccer and writing to juggle, as well as a very different living situation, it could get a bit hectic.

But … you get through it!

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