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Comparing Library Collection Development Policies

Examine and compare a number of models of collection policies to gather ideas for writing your own.

To complete this task, I examined the two Australian links provided in the course material and searched for a new Collection Development Policy (CDP) online to compare policy elements with the recommendations. After a quick search, I discovered the Geelong Regional Library CDP.

There were a number of similar elements that appeared across each model, although they were presented in different ways. For example, VCTL and ALIA (2017, p. 8) recommended the inclusion of a rationale that linked to the school’s vision and values. The State Library of Queensland (SLQ) (2013, p. 1) did not use the term ‘rationale’ but recommended that the CDP be aligned to the Strategic Plan and provided a statement on how the collection supported the library’s role. The Geelong Regional Library CDP was very explicit in its outline of context, with a clear statement on vision, mission, goals and values (2014, pp. 5-6).

Other elements that were included in the models and policy example were dates for review, scope of resources, parameters of the collection, what to do with donations, how to deal with challenges and controversial resources, and collection evaluation. The VCTL and ALIA model recommended including a date of ratification (p. 9). While the Geelong Regional Library CDP didn’t provide an exact date, it did include a comprehensive outline of how the CDP came to be and how it fits with the library’s context and rationale (p. 4). From this, it is clear when the policy was implemented. VCTL and ALIA also suggested including the “personnel responsible for selection and the types of resources held” (p. 8). The Geelong Regional Library CDP was quite succinct in outlining responsibilities (p. 7).

One section that I couldn’t find in either of the models was stakeholder engagement. The Geelong Regional Library CDP included a detailed statement on how to engage with its stakeholders and community (p. 7).


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