What’s With This Flipboard Thing?

What’s With This Flipboard Thing?
Some of you may remember me banging on about Flipboard during our recent Google hangout. Well, in September of last year I emailed the CEO of the organisation I work for to let her know about Flipboard and how it could be used in an educational setting. Anyhow, whilst she was certainly interested, for one reason or another nothing came of it.

A couple of weeks ago the CEO was in Melbourne and she came over and said hello to me. It was at this point that I reminded her of our email conversation last year. She told me to send her some information. Last Friday I did exactly that. I sent her a thoughtful email detailing why I think Flipboard is the best thing since sliced bread and why we should use it.

I thought I’d share this with you because I firmly believe that its up to us as educators to do all that we can to create an engaging, creative learning environment and Flipboard is just one of an arsenal of tools we can use to achieve that goal. Here’s a transcript of my email:

Hi X

Thanks for taking the time to come and say hello to me when you were in Melbourne last Friday. As you know, I’m now a member of the Think Futures team plus I’ve started doing a Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) at Charles Sturt University.

In terms of Think: Education Group continuing to innovate, perhaps our edge as an organisation could be to use Flipboard to actively and creatively promote who we are and what we do differently ie. our Purple Cow as Seth Godin would put it.

With Flipboard we could share content with just about anyone anywhere via an official Think Group Google docs account in which specific documents are being shared publicly (eg. PDF, Google Doc and image files) along with content that lives on the Internet (eg. YouTube videos, SlideShare/Prezi presentations, etc).

You can run Flipboard on most devices including an iPad, an iPad mini, an iPhone, an Apple Mac, a desktop computer, an Android phone and an Android tablet.

Here’s a quick rundown of Flipboard and how we could use it:

  • create a public magazine to showcase the Group as a whole
  • create a public magazine to showcase a campus or a course
  • create a public magazine to showcase our Careers and Alumni
  • create a public magazine to showcase the Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • create a public magazine to showcase graduation photos from a campus
  • lecturers and students could create and curate an endless number of magazines (both public and private) for specific subjects and modalities

Our website says that we are ‘The Leader in Innovative Education’. I say let’s prove it.

Click the Flipboard link below to take a look at some examples of educational institutions that currently have a presence on Flipboard.


Regards, Graham.

By the way, it was quite late in the day before I finally clicked the “Send” button but I was pleasantly surprised to get a response within hours. I’ll keep you posted…