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Building my PLN

Earlier this week I reflected on the ways in which I will begin to build my professional knowledge network (PLN). I outlined three principles I will put into action in order to build a positive, professional and engaging network. The first is being timely and responsive. As Miriam Clifford talked about in her blog PLN’s are reciprocal so I will make it a priority to engage more and respond to others posts.

Secondly in order to deepen my understanding and make the most of my PLN I need to choose an interest or niche that I am passionate about. I’ve narrowed it down to critical digital literacy skills, curriculum design and online learning pedagogies. I’ll sleep on this one for a few days.

Finally I need to make sure that being connected is part of my daily routine. To help with this I have curated the best of the best into a one-stop-shop page. I have really made the most of the embed feature to pull together live Twitter feeds, YouTube playlists, Podcasts, a Google Calendar and links to blogs. I have designed the page so that it can be easily updated and transformed as my PLN expands.

Check out the page here and stay tuned for a follow up post discussing the story behind each feature.


  1. Thanks for writing about your journey Claire. I like how you have diversified your sources of information, I have mostly been relying on Twitter and Feedly. Have you found you can keep up with the different sources?

    I’m also interested in what prompted you to decide on a niche for your, was it one particular reading/video?

    • claire.hazenberg

      09/08/2018 at 5:53 pm

      As a teacher, I try to cater for all students by delivering information or content in a variety of ways. Some prefer written, audio, visual ect. As a result I have reflected on my own learning styles and know I prefer mostly audio and visual. Not a huge fan of the written. Haha.

      In terms of deciding on a niche it has been influenced by personal/professional experiences. Critical digital literacy stems from concern around students and “fake news”. Curriculum design, because to me curriculum is a road map for the future. And online learning pedagogies because I strongly believe it can benefit learning outcomes in K-12 schools.

      Have you decided on a niche yet? What are you interested in?

  2. Those are some really great reasons to choose those niches!

    My niches aren’t as defined but I am interested in how to promote the importance of privacy and security within digital literacy. To me it seems vital that people have informed consent when signing up to digital services. I am also interested in eLearning for adults. My goal being to hopefully help people to continue to develop and thrive in a work environment not just in formal education.

  3. jlindsay@csu.edu.au

    16/10/2018 at 10:42 am

    Really like your PLN page – thinking this is something we could ask all students to create as part of this subject in the future – personalised use of tools and selected, relevant networking.

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