After reading Floridi (2009) I identified three challenges regarding the nature of information that concerns me as an educator and member of an information society.

Digital divide & economy: Information societies

As technology advances the digital divide across the world grows significantly. Floridi (2009) stated that all G7 countries are considered information societies as majority of their GDP is driven by “intangible good” as opposed to physical outputs such as agriculture, mining and manufacturing. In a world of depleting resources I am concerned that those countries that don’t develop into an information society will be further pushed across the digital divide.

Kinesthetic learners

Floridi (2009) suggests that as we move further into the information age “objects and processes are dephysicalized”. This phenomena disfavours the learning style of kinesethic or tactile learner types. Educators need to be aware of this and ensure they are providing a variety learning experiences and pathways that are preparing students for a less hands-on world.

Personal Identity

“We become mass-produced, anonymous entities among other anonymous entities, exposed to billions of other similar inforgs online” (Floridi, 2009, p157). For more clarification on this idea I read “The Informational Nature of Personal Identity” by Floridi (2011)  he suggests that we need to develop a new ecology of the self “fully adequate to meet the demands of a healthy life spent in the infosphere” (p.22). I find this very interesting, especially when considering curriculum design in subjects such as a Health. Currently the topic of Personal Identity in the Australian Curriculum is explored from Year 5 to 10. In Years 9 & 10 students evaluate factors that shape identities and critically analyse how individuals impact the identities of others (ACPPS089). Perhaps to accommodate those students living in an information society this content descriptor should be deepened by considering how digital environments also impact on the construction of self.

What was everyone’s take on the articles? Keen to know your thoughts.

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