INF536 Blog Task #2 – First we observe…

Observation Task – 

Entry to senior library, covered area and the space immediately inside the doors.

Outer entry

Covered area:

right side with group

right side with group

Left view of ramp and raised platform

Left view of ramp and raised platform

  • students gather at the step to sit on the concrete and play Yu-gio.
  • some boys sit on the raised platform.
  • bags left outside, some carefully placed and others dropped in haste to enter the library.
  • boys collect in pairs outside the doors, standing or squatting, to check mobile phones or tablets.
  • 1/3 of the boys wipe their feet on the way into the library.
  1.  The boys playing Yu-gio selected the area for some level of protection from the weather and because they are not allowed to play in the library.
  2. the space has a lovely light and open feel as the roof is two stories high up, but noisy and exposed.
  3. boys have expressed a desire for tables or benches and bag racks.

The doorway:

Internal entry

Doors and security gates

Doors and security gates

Display area

Display area

Circulation desk

Circulation desk

  •   The doorway with the security gates is quite narrow and boys can only enter or leave in single file.
  • Most boys keep left, but failing to causes issues/traffic jams.
  • some boys who rush in or out, move more quickly than the automatic doors, resulting in them either running into the doors or having to stop suddenly to wait for them.
  1. comments that gates/doors are too narrow when multiple boys access; and the doors open too slowly sometimes.

Circulation desk:

  • The circulation was not staffed for the first 10 minutes. Boys glanced in the direction of the desk and then away or ignored it completely.
  • When it was staffed or a staff member was on the floor, most boys made eye contact and greeted the adult/s.
  • The library officer most often faced away from the door, facing the computer or assisting students.
  • Some boys browsed or slowed at the displays, before moving through. Others ignored the displays completely.
  • The returns box was obscured by a small stand displaying student art. Those boys who had to return books could not see it and had to negotiate around the stand quite sharply.
  • Many boys sought out the teacher librarians who were on the floor, rather than the library officer at the circulation desk. Those who did go to the desk, had to wait for a bit before being served.
  1.  Being greeted creates a lovely welcoming feel, and the boys will come over for a chat.
  2. The boys who browsed the displays expressed an interest in them, sought out the one that related to their unit of work, borrowed from the display or asked questions (especially about the banned book display).

  3 comments for “INF536 Blog Task #2 – First we observe…

  1. sara.rapp
    August 8, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    Hi Chantal,
    The entry point to the library is so important so it deserves a separate analysis as you have done here, and your observation already suggests possible improvements. It’s great that you have asked the boys what they would like to see happen outside the library. Tables and a bag stand sound like great ideas, especially if the boys can’t play Yu-gi-oh inside and if it’s a bit covered an protected from the elements. Your boys can probably be outside year round, whereas for us it’s a bit cold at the moment! Glad to see I could also click on the pictures to expand them–I wanted to see yet another one of your famous displays. Great idea for banned books–I’m amazed any of the boys could have ignored it. I would be interested to know what exactly got each book banned… Thanks for the interesting analysis.

    • Chantal Hochstrasser
      August 10, 2014 at 12:17 am

      Hi Sara,
      Our Year 11s and 12s are all studying novels that have been banned for various reasons, hence the display. (I wanted to hire the fake jail bars from a local theatre company, but budget did not allow, so we improvised.) The display that you see in the photos has some books covered by a lunch paperbag with the reason for being banned eg. language, adult content etc

      The front glass wall is covered with black plastic with several holes cut into it at varying heights. When you peer through, the stands behind the plastic are covered with photocopied book covers with the reasons for their banning.

      There are also bookmarks in each of the books explaining when and why it was banned. The only ‘downside’ to this display is that many of our ‘banned’ books are for borrowing by senior years only, and this has really peaked the interest of the Yr 9s 🙂

      I think our next display is the one where we build crime scenes around the library, and the boys get to guess which book contains the crime scene.
      We do at least 2 large displays a term and several small ones, specifically for certain year levels and their work. They generally generate quite a bit of interest, as i work on the principle that every library should have something to offend someone. (My boys reckon the most offensive books are the Twilight ones 😛

      I have been thinking of creating a Flickr board to share photos of my displays, as we have so much fun creating them. Last year our history boys created a fake archaeological dig with planks and a skeleton from science. It was awesome.

  2. Chantal Hochstrasser
    August 10, 2014 at 5:58 am

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