Information needed for the Peer Review Portal for External Benchmarking of Assessment

When preparing information for assessment to be reviewed by an external reviewer, the Peer Review Portal requires a set of information to be uploaded. As peer review of assessment requires external moderation of assessment as well as review of subject outlines and assessment documentation, the following information is needed for upload. Information can be uploaded in a range of file types but pdf is the most common.

* are mandatory information, others are optional fields but can provide useful information to support the review.

PLEASE NOTE: EVERYWHERE A TITLE IS ADDED, THERE MUST BE AN ACCOMPANYING FILE, AND VICE V ERSA, otherwise the system will not complete the review site. Please ensure that you have both files and matching titles in each section you have uploaded.

Memorandum of Understanding *

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been created and will be uploaded to the site by the Institutional Managers when the subject site is created. There is no need to create a new MOU.

– while this is not mandatory, it is recommended to give context about your subject to the reviewer

A context statement can contain information about the subject or assessment that you think would aid the reviewer in their review of your subject outline and assessment.

Subject Outline *

This is usually a pdf of the latest subject outline for the assessment tasks to be reviewed. E.g. if you are asking for review of 201930 assessment tasks, the related subject outline must be uploaded.

You can choose to upload a list of related course learning outcomes if you wish but these are not required.

Grading guidelines can be uploaded but as these are usually included in the subject outline, they are not mandatory.

Rubrics can be uploaded here but as these are usually included in the subject outline, they are not mandatory.

This section is for any other information that you think will help the reviewer with their analysis and moderation of your assessment tasks. It is not mandatory and can be left blank if not required.


Copies of the assessment task and its rubric are uploaded for each task under review. All tasks or selected tasks can be sent for review.
A range of samples of student work that has been de-identified is uploaded for each task covering all grades possible in the task. It is preferred to upload clean copies that do not have marks or markings included. Upload each task sample as an individual assessment and insert its related grade in the spave provided. Results are returned with comments for each individual task so please do not upload a zip file of all tasks together. The image below shows how each set of assessment task information should appear in the uploads page. Repeat this process for each assessment task to be reviewed.
It is recommended to have at least 5 samples for each assessment task being moderated across the range of grades. For example, for 3 tasks, 5 samples – one for each grade level for each task equals 15 samples. If you have multiple offerings you can choose from either one of the offerings, or a sample from each of the offerings but still no more than 15 samples.