Measuring calibration of assessment

The Peer Review Portal provides a number of templates that can be modified to suit requirements.

The following are examples of each type of template. Most templates can be modified for use or a custom template can be created however, reporting is not available for custom templates.

Templates have been agreed by each Fasculty for use in benchmarking but can be changed as required. A copy of the templates chosen by your faculty is accessed below.

Faculty of Arts and Education Questionnaire for the Peer Review Portal-18wko3b

Faculty of BJBS Questionnaire for the Peer Review Portal-1qfmyms

Faculty of Science Questionnaire for the Peer Review Portal-2bw5aqo

Selecting templates – options

Choose a measure








Custom Template – questions types




Sample 5-scale template

Sample inter-institutional review template

Sample inter-university moderation:

assessment template

Quality Verification system template

EROS External Referencing of Standards template – Yes but No but style