How benchmarking of assessment is conducted at CSU

Benchmarking at CSU is incorporated into the Moderation Policy and the Course, Design, Development and Review Policy and guidance should be sought in those policy. Further guidance should be sought in those policies.

Guidelines available for download:

External Benchmarking Procedures at CSU

Specific information for Subject Coordinators


CSUBenchmark uses the Peer Review Portal, an online system where pertinent information is uploaded for review. The required information is outlined on the next menu page on this site Information needed for the Peer Review Portal for External Benchmarking of Assessment. Note the inclusion of de-identified student work samples is required for review by an external institution. The completed Peer Review Report feeds into into subsequent course reviews and ensures that we have adequate reporting to satisfy TEQSA requirements. This process underscores the rationale for choosing subjects and/or courses that are about to undergo review as part of the regular Charles Sturt University review cycle.






Steps to access the Peer Review Portal for benchmarking of assessment

  1. Register for an account on the Peer Review PortalĀ  and confirm your account with the confirmation email sent from the portal.
  2. Complete your profile with your personal details and any fields of education. You do not need to provide your bank details unless you are offered and accept a paid review. If this occurs you will need to add your bank details. On your profile you will need to join Charles Sturt University and select the appropriate faculty. This will complete the details and allow you to upload files to the site.
  3. First access: After your account has been registered and confirmed in the Portal login to the Peer Review Portal.