Frequently Asked Questions about external benchmarking

Q: Why do we have to externally benchmark?

A: Legislation was passed in 2015 requiring all institutions to undertake external referencing as a part of benchmarking activities for courses which must be reviewed at least once in every seven years. Refer to the HESF (2015) document.

Benchmarking of assessment evidence requirements can be found in Seciont that has been reproduced on the home page of this site.

Q: How much workload will I be allocated to undertake benchmarking?

A: Workload will need to be negotiated with you HOS or AHOS.  Referencing the EROS report indicates that approximately 14.5 hours is considered reasonable for benchmarking one subject.

Q: Can I edit the measurement templates?

A: Most templates can be edited to suit your requirements. Custom templates cannot be reported on, so choosing and editing an existing templates is probably the best solution.

Q: What is a context statement?

A: A context statement is any information you want to provide about the subject or program to situate where it fits in a course.