Creating a new project in the Peer Review Portal

How to create a New Peer Review of Assessment – Inputs/Outputs project

This process will only be needed if your subject site has not already been created by the Assessment and Quality Leads.  Projects are currently created for all subjects for review by the Assessment and Quality Leads. Payment for the site is arranged by the Division of Learning and Teaching, please contact the division for payment information before creating a project.

  1. Click on My Projects
  2. Click New Project in the top right hand corner.
  3. Choose project type.
    • Peer review of assessment
    • Program review
    • Benchmarking
    • Professional Body Review
  4. Choose Peer Review of assessment, click Start.
  5. Select your institution and faculty. Enter your course and subject details,  country, field of education and degree classifications.
  6. Upload the Memorandum of Understanding (this will need to be completed for each project but CSU has a generic MOU approved by our legal team which can be obtained from the Assessment and Quality Leads.
  7. Upload content statement, course learning outcomes, grading guidelines, rubrics, any supporting materials and assessment task you want reviewed. De-identify any student data from student work samples before uploading. This is a requirement for privacy reasons. You can add an applicant to upload course and subject materials who will only be able to see the uploads page.
  8. Choose an appropriate measure – custom measures cannot produce a report. You can edit other measures. A copy of measurement templates is available but the Faculties have an agreed template for all subjects.
  9. Division of Learning and Teaching will pay for the project so please contact the Division to make payment arrangements.