This digital storytelling project is designed for year five and six students at Aitken Creek Primary School participating in a Challenge Based Learning (CBL) unit on the big idea of […]

A mini 'Creative Coffee'

Last Thursday Heather (@HBailie) and I collaboratively facilitated a mini ‘Creative Coffee’ at a Melbourne TeachMeet. We both signed up for consecutive 7 minute presentation slots in order to generate […]

Digital Identity in a Digital World

Project Title: Digital Identity in a Digital World For this project I intend to use a variety of tools including:   Luca iTunesU iMovie Adobe Voice   The digital storytelling […]

For those who have followed my journey this year, you know my story. I transferred my Master of Education degree at the beginning of this year because I wanted a […]

Reflecting on Digital Literature

My reviews for this assignment can be found in this blog post and on Goodreads. In ‘The shallows: What the Internet is doing to our brains‘, Nicholas Carr writes “For some people, the […]

Assignment 4 for #INF533 called for three reviews that consider the dynamic formats of digital literature. I recently blogged about my choices for the assignment and here are the reviews…(the […]

What will you create?

Background:   Aitken Creek Primary School is a P-6 school. Built in 2010 under the recent Public-Private Partnership (PPP) development, Aitken Creek Primary School is an excellent state of the art learning […]

Observation Task

After reviewing the assessment guidelines, I decided to choose a space in my school to observe and document for Blog Task 2. I decided to observe a space that I […]

Social & Community Driven Reading

  Yes. With the emergence of digital literature and the vast access we have to social networking and online communities, I do agree that readers are as described by James […]