Once upon a time, reading was as simple and straightforward as decoding words on a page. No more. Digital age technologies have made such an impact on the way we interact […]

This digital storytelling project is designed for year five and six students at Aitken Creek Primary School participating in a Challenge Based Learning (CBL) unit on the big idea of […]

I knew enrolling in #INF536 Designing Spaces for Learning would be a challenge, right from the beginning. This subject was like no other I have ever completed. Even so, here […]

Metaphors for Digital Learning Spaces

Have you ever wondered about the name for your computer desktop, trash can or recycle bin and folders? Probably not because that terminology is something we take for granted- well […]

A mini 'Creative Coffee'

Last Thursday Heather (@HBailie) and I collaboratively facilitated a mini ‘Creative Coffee’ at a Melbourne TeachMeet. We both signed up for consecutive 7 minute presentation slots in order to generate […]

Digital Identity in a Digital World

Project Title: Digital Identity in a Digital World For this project I intend to use a variety of tools including:   Luca iTunesU iMovie Adobe Voice   The digital storytelling […]

For those who have followed my journey this year, you know my story. I transferred my Master of Education degree at the beginning of this year because I wanted a […]

Reflecting on Digital Literature

My reviews for this assignment can be found in this blog post and on Goodreads. In ‘The shallows: What the Internet is doing to our brains‘, Nicholas Carr writes “For some people, the […]

Assignment 4 for #INF533 called for three reviews that consider the dynamic formats of digital literature. I recently blogged about my choices for the assignment and here are the reviews…(the […]

What will you create?

Background:   Aitken Creek Primary School is a P-6 school. Built in 2010 under the recent Public-Private Partnership (PPP) development, Aitken Creek Primary School is an excellent state of the art learning […]