A mini ‘Creative Coffee’

Last Thursday Heather (@HBailie) and I collaboratively facilitated a mini ‘Creative Coffee’ at a Melbourne TeachMeet. We both signed up for consecutive 7 minute presentation slots in order to generate a discussion about design, designing for learning spaces and design thinking.


It was great being able to share what we had learnt with other keen participants, it was also gratifying to experience the discussion and enthusiasm from attendees. It was obvious that our discussion points got people thinking, so much so that the conversations continued online…well after our ‘Creative Coffee’ had ended.

Check out this Storify to get a snapshot of the creative conversations!


  1. Hi Bec,

    Well done to you and Heather on pulling this together. One observation, the creative thinking evidenced by your Storify, seems to contravene to the ‘formal appearance of your presentation style gathering in a conference room’. I suppose this begs the question, “Do you need to have a creative conversation is a relaxed atmosphere of a cafe/pub?” I think not.

    Also, one tweet I noticed stated, “I think space is irrelevant to good pedagogy.” I strongly believe that space, most especially mobile, flexible and agile furniture, does improve the possibility of student centred pedagogy which supports students to make choices about how they learn and who they learn with; on their own, or collaboratively in pairs or small groups.



  2. Hi Bec,
    As Greg noted, I picked up on that last tweet too. One of my participants also focused on this idea, stating that he really considered learning must be our focus, but that spaces can support and promote improved learning. I think effective use of space and good pedagogy really must go hand in hand. It is possible to teach effectively in a poorly designed space and it is most certainly possible to teach poorly in the best spaces.

    It looks like you have done a great job of getting your activities into the social media sphere. I think it is awesome that so many people outside of our course are hearing about what we are doing, putting INF536 and discussions about great learning and learning spaces right out there on the map 🙂


  3. Bec, a creative approach to a coffee morning – as I commented on Heather’s post, I plan to book a slot at our next LibMeet: You have both given me the idea to use the LibMeet to encourage development of “creative coffee” events in our LibMeet community.

    I too note the tweet about spaces being irrelevant. I think teachers [particularly primary school] inherently recognise the role of spaces as they are constantly re designing, rearranging, reconfiguring etc their learning spaces. [Reaffirms the power of Twitter – so few character, so much discussion!].


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