An INF536 Critique

For those who have followed my journey this year, you know my story. I transferred my Master of Education degree at the beginning of this year because I wanted a challenge- not happy with the original course I was enrolled in. I am only a few weeks from finishing up and am pretty sure I just completed the most brain curdling assignment so far in my academic career. 

I have always been a semi-high achieving student, I happen to be somewhat of a perfectionist so I always go above and beyond- especially when I enjoy something and that effort certainly paid off given my results from last semester. On the other hand, I am also quick to put up a wall if I find something hard and challenging…this has certainly been the case in the last few weeks. Throughout my studies, past feedback I have received from marked assignments has generally revolved around my lack of critical discussion in my analysis of certain things…so when presented with Assignment 4 for INF536- Designing Spaces for Learning, I cringed at the title…a Literature Critique. I learnt a lot about myself during this process of completing this assignment. One of the biggest things that I am beginning to come to terms with is that I don’t always have to be perfect…it just isn’t possible all the time and for many people who know me, work with me or are related to me know that to even say this, let alone publish it online, is a big thing.

I am constantly inspired and driven by others in my cohort and my heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw many of them publishing their critiques…I knew the time would come for me to publish mine too…because that’s what we do…we share. The network of educators, my peers, in this cohort are fantastic and I am thankful for the many Twitter conversations, Hangouts and coffee meet ups encountered throughout the process and the support shared- a special shout out to Heather Bailie, Simon Keily, Matt Ives and Graham Clark.

So, by no means am I confident but I am taking a big, deep breath in publishing this assignment, knowing that it is ok, the mark does not matter- what matters to me is the amount of learning I have done in the process, both academically and personally.

Here is my #INF536 Literature Critique: 



  1. A+ to you Bec.
    This is a thought provoking read for those of us on the road to understanding design and its place in education.


  2. Bec, you have been an inspiration to me, especially because you share as fast as you learn, so it’s a thrill to see you trust yourself more to just be the talented person you really are. Your writing, once again, shows insight. Keep digging – analysis is a polished art! You’ll eventually be a super Principal or some other top dude 🙂


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