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Teachers: The need to become productive knowledge workers in 21st Century teaching and learning environments.

Digital Space to be used-
I have decided that I will create a page on this Thinkspace blog. It may sound boring, but I am going myself a favour. I can get very particular and obsessive when it comes to presentation. I want to use something that I am already familiar with so I can focus on the content, rather than the tool.

Information is not (1)

To be an effective teacher in the 21st Century teachers need to be able to engage and interact with a wide variety of information from an ever increasing range of sources. Teachers today need to become lifelong learners inĀ an information society where information flows freely. Teachers need to develop strategies for engaging with, working with and constructing new knowledge.

Teachers of the 21st Century can become productive modern knowledge workers who constantly advance their own professional knowledge as well as that of the profession. A knowledge worker is described as an employee who thinks for a living, whose main role surrounds developing and using knowledge. Knowledge workers are highly motivated, posses factual and theoretical knowledge, find and access information effectively, curate and organise information.

The essay will explore the six characteristics of knowledge worker productivity (definition of tasks, autonomy, continuous innovation, continuous learning, quality over quantity, valued as an asset) and how teachers have the potential to become modern knowledge workers in 21st Century teaching and learning environments.

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  1. Looks great Bec! There is heaps you can draw on from the modules for this.


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