Refocusing learning on pedagogy in a connected world

The negative response to NAPLAN via social media channels is astounding.

Obviously as a teaching profession we are struggling with the intent and effect of this testing. The published negative responses have reminded me of a paper I read recently that discusses what is termed an instruction paradigm. Such an educational model is typified by:

*accessibility to information
*memorising that information
*regurgitating that information in content-oriented examinations


*an instruction-oriented curriculum which breeds knowledge acquisition, not understanding.
(Yam San, 2002)

This author also states ” Schooling, and university education for that matter have never been about learning so much as about instruction and certification.” (p. 8). Immersed in such a paradigm universities and colleges exist to provide instruction by transferring knowledge from staff to students.

Our system of education is actively involved in a search for a pedagogy relevant to modern learners. Professional discontent regarding NAPLAN is perhaps symptomatic of this professional struggle.

Please gift me with your professional response to this post.

Yam San, C. (2002). Refocusing learning on pedagogy in a connected world. On the Horizon, 10(4), 7-13.

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