What’s this blog all about?

I have been reading a Blog written by Neville Smit at NevilleSmit.com. Neville is an online character in the MMORPG, Eve Online. What? Yep, you heard me right. Written by an in-world character. Curious? Excellent, as I think there is a lot to learn from this blog and the author. Anyhow, what has immediately caught my attention is the author’s approach to blogging. Neville writes:

What is this blog all about?

Good question – glad you asked. This blog is a learning tool for me. That’s it.

With the depth and complexity of EVE Online, I have found that one of the best ways to learn the nuances of the game is to write and dialogue about it. Therefore, I decided to start this blog, to give myself the opportunity to discover insights that might be useful.

What I see here is the characters gaming attitude. Low risk exploration; in this instance via his blog. And also his aim to share attitudes and knowledge.

I am finding the same for this blog about education – which is pretty much a game anyhow. When we walk onto the classroom we are just but gamers. Right? But I am digressing…

My point is that this blog is written to give myself “the opportunity to discover insights that might be useful” and to discover further nuances of education. On that note, and as part of my writing and dialogue, I am finding that I need to set some goals for reading and subsequent blogging:

In the short term:
*Keep exploring and writing about Game based Learning; for example by engaging with Kurt Squire (see reading list below).
*Keep playing in the MMO space. (Hooked on Eve Online)
*Think about connections between game design and design of learning spaces.
*Continue to think about game design and how it informs teaching and learning.
*I would love to bring gamers into the conversation and game designers. When classroom educators explore game based learning they appear to wrap the games up in curriculum and taxonomies (the usual stuff we do) and I suspect, miss the point somewhat.
*maybe meet some educators in Eve Online and form a league group? 🙂

Anyhow, I am currently reading some papers by Kurt Squire that I have listed below. It is interesting to note that the listed articles are nearly a decade old … but still extremely pertinent. I will enlarge on my thinking on that at some later stage. Before then, perhaps readers of this blog will gift me with their thoughts. That’s an open invite.


Squire, K. (2006). From content to context: Videogames as designed experience. Educational researcher, 35(8), 19-29.

Squire, K. D. (2008). Video game–based learning: An emerging paradigm for instruction. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 21(2), 7-36.

Williamson, D., Squire, K., Halverson, R., & Gee, J. P. (2005). Video games and the future of learning. Phi Delta Kappan, 87(2), 104-111.

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  1. Wow! I’m very flattered that you found value in my EVE Online fansite blog! If it has helped to inspire your own exploration of learning and education, and sharing of your findings, I couldn’t be more delighted. All the best – and fly safe! o7

  2. You may not know, but Neville is a former Director of Education of Eve University. I thought I’d throw that in since you’re interested in education.

    For those unfamiliar with Eve Online, Eve University is a player-run organization founded in March 2004 that teaches new players how to play the game, or at least get past the initial learning cliff. And yes, that includes students attending online classes listening to instructors using Mumble.

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