Blogging and photography.

I  began writing this post sitting in the State Library of Victoria. I am now finishing it two days later sitting in my lounge room, feet up, TV on low volume and me still thinking about a “Conversation with Alan Levine, Pedagogical Technologist” (Rheingold 2014). Embedded in this article is a vimeo recording of Alan Levine (@cogdog) discussing many issues, led in different directions by Rheingold.

I like the way Alan Levine thinks.  He also takes pictures. And of course he blogs.

In my mind, there is a deep connection between blogging and photography. I am new to blogging but one of my long standing passions is photography. It is something I have indulged in for twenty or more years. Never professionally but as a pure escape. Photography is a very mindful activity. I don’t do it all the time but I always come back to my camera to indulge. Photography (not taking snapshots) forces me to slow down and be creative. It also drives my kids nuts.

I am  learning that blogging takes me to the same space as my camera. It demands me to stop, reflect and create. To be reflective.

It’s interesting that Levine and Rheingold ponder if blogging has had its hey day. They chew over the idea that more people are now participating on the web but perhaps are not creating as much as they used to. Levine ponders the idea that people are putting more stuff online but there is a lot of activity involving re-tweeting, re-blogging and the sharing of resources. Which, Levine says is  “Perhaps not as reflective and comprehensive as the idea about doing it in that space that you manage or you own.” i.e a blogging space.

It’s not easy being reflective in a busy place. There is so much to soak up and consume. Sometimes we underestimate ourselves.  We too can create new digital artefacts.  Also, what we have to contribute is unique and important, especially if it makes our thinking visible. A bit like photography.

The ability to stop and ponder is also a skill to teach our young  21st century learners. They do not just have to consume knowledge, they can slow down too and be creative in this participatory culture. Of course curriculum will try to force them otherwise…a little bit like fast moving twitter streams.

There is lots of great photography out in the blogosphere but here is one of my pics for you to stop and ponder.

blog pic

Beneath the Milky Way










Ps: Don’t you just love the term “Pedagogical Technologist” used by Rheingold.


Rheingold, H. (2014) Conversation with Alan Levine, Pedagogical Technologist. Retrieved from

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and connections of blogging and photography; to me they are rather entwined… I find it hard to write write until I have an image. But also that daily process of review, editing, and reflecting on the batch of photos I took that day is perhaps the most valuable thinking activity I do.

    Keep on doing both, those are amazing starry skies you have in your photos and time lapse videos

  2. Hello Simon,

    A really good post where your comparison between photography and blogging are relevant and sound.

    I like it when you write, “What we have to contribute is unique and important, especially if it makes our thinking visible.” I wish more people, professional teachers could acknowledge this and take the time to stop, reflect, create.

    Also, Blogging allows people to engage with thought leaders and, by b logging themselves, some actually become thought leaders themselves. Maybe, if blogging (albeit, reflecting) is so powerful, why don’t we build it into teaching loads. One hour a week should do it. Could you imagine the Professional Learning, interaction even co-creation, that could take place? WOW!

    Thanks for the post.


  3. Hi Greg,
    I really enjoyed this post and found your comparison between blogging and photography, and the creative and reflective processes that go into the both of them to be really insightful. The comparison between those activities and the ‘participatory’ (using that term loosely) nature of retweeting and re-blogging resonated with me especially. There may be a certain value in retweeting sometimes but taking the time to reflect on a post, comment back on it and engage with the author has so much more value associated with it. Just as an aside I also enjoy photography, which may be what originally caught my attention, and for me photography provides an important balance/escape for me.

  4. Great post Simon. I too wonder whether I have missed the mark in starting to write a blog, I guess only time will tell.
    I have read (and listened) to a few things by Clive Thompson lately on the power of blogging to make us smarter ( I really like his suggestion that his “Writing has gotten better because I do my thinking in public” ( I am still yet to read his book, but have it on my list.

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