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For the INF537 research project I am taking a closer look at my online interactions. Because I employing the the autoethnographical research method, I have to find different ways to gather data as I observe and record my own online actions for analysis at a later point in the project. In the book Research Methods in Education by Cohen, Mannion and Morrison, I learned that for an ethnographic study it is important that multiple perspectives on the cultural phenomena must be taken into account. To make sure that I have recorded as many perspectives as possible, I have decided to gather data on three different levels: micro, meso and macro levels.

The micro level will involve detailed daily observations of online transactions and interactions. I will do the micro observation for 2 X1 week periods while I am gathering data for this project. For the meso level I will post daily blog posts with reflection on my online behaviour and transactions of that day for a period of one month. For the macro level I will create a narrative mostly based on my recollections as I scroll through my Thinkspace blog.

This blog, Online in August is a collection of the blog posts for the one month period described above, in which I post daily reflections and observations about my online behaviour – meso level data gathering. It should be noted that the first week under observation  is still part of my  summer vacation and almost all of my online actions will relate to personal and study purposes. Thereafter school related transactions will be much more prevalent.

RANDOM NOTE: I am happy to say that using the Macbook’s dictation function (remember fn-fn to activate and option+esc for text to speech read back) is making this quick and easy. The fact that I speak and not type is helping me stay more informal and reflective, where I think writing will be more formal and descriptive.

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