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Twitter is an example of a micro-blogging platform.  It is a great space to develop and grow a Professional Learning Network (PLN) and to connect to other like-minded people.  It is limited by the number of characters one can post which can be advantageous and frustrating at the same time.  Advantageous in that one can become quite succinct in what is shared and there is no room for waffle.  Frustrating because some tweets can seem to not say enough.  It promotes conversation and participation through the ability to comment, retweet or add to favourites which is a benefit if you are running short of time to read some articles they can be favourited like a bookmark.

I took it one step further tonight and rather than observe which I usually do, I actually participated in a Twitter chat with #aussieED.  It was short, sharp conversations and sharing of ideas.  It was challenging keeping up as everyone had so much to share.



Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.30.44 pm

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.30.44 pmThere are definitely people ‘out there’ who think like me, so it was quite affirming and there was more covered in that chat than I think most staff meetings cover in the hour they assign.

Since proposing my project of adding a blog to our school library website I have been reading and rereading various articles about using Twitter in the primary classroom as there are not really many articles about setting up Twitter in the primary school library.  I have set up the account but at the moment it is me tweeting and me trying to build the network.  As mentioned in the earlier post, Marketing the School Library, I need to be strategic but part of me wanted to see the what if before presenting to students.  Kristen Wideen (2014) in her article, ‘Connect, Collaborate and Create with Twitter in the Classroom’ has pushed me to the point where I need to make some time to speak to members of our Leadership team and get the tweets to be the authentic voice of the students as soon as possible.

The more I interact with Twitter, the more I like the features it possesses to be a relevant feature in our school and library.


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