Ah-Ha! Clarity – Social Media Assists Workflow

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Retrieved from: https://pixabay.com/en/mind-think-spirit-soap-bubble-767591/

Retrieved from: https://pixabay.com/en/mind-think-spirit-soap-bubble-767591/


Kevin Kelly’s words challenged me when he said ‘we have to use things in order to find out how they work.”  I thought I had an understanding of social networking and a number of social media platforms as discussed in my previous post. I really considered in my professional world that I was limited in the way I could approach the use of social media with students, as they are only in primary school.  I have long had the belief and the students I teach will probably tell you that whatever we would view as acceptable in face to face interactions is equally the same with digital interactions.  I often say to my students citizenship is citizenship, it can just seem different and tricky when using a digital device.

I realised today that I have been ‘doubling up’ on the way I communicate and have made the decision that no longer will I be writing a separate Library Newsletter, emailing teachers about wonderful websites and learning opportunities.  I mean, the library website with the library blog is just as efficient and has the capabilities to reduce my workload, it’s all about harnessing the affordances of social media.  So here I share the link to our school library website and I will continue to share the journey of my learning about social media.  I am a firm believer in the idea that everything is a work in progress so welcome any comments or feedback you have.

I then had another attempt at Linked In as a social networking space.  I’ve sent out invitations and connected with people, accepted connections from patient friends and colleagues, added information to my profile and contributed my first post promoting the library website.  That wasn’t my big moment of clarity and I almost feel embarrassed to share this but the feature I loved was that I could ‘tweet’ my post from within Linked In!  Am thinking Linked In definitely has a place in my toolbox of social media.

Clarity gained and excitement aplenty!

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